Awakening Sings?

I still can not stop thinking of that anonymous message. Now I am recollecting all the suspecious or strange things which ever occurred in these relationships..

Looks at other woman.. It was odd and even hurtful when he looks at other women in my presence. Yes, men do that, and there is nothing wrong about it in general, but in this case he turns his head almost to every passing woman. If he does in my presence, what happens when I am not there…? I tied to supress that poisonous thought and talked to him about this. He said that it is just my imagination. Indeed, it could easily be, but for some reason I have had this feeling in my previous relationships.

Female hair.. At the very beginning of our relationship, I noticed female hair in his apartment. I was pretty calm about it as that can be ramainings from the past. In addition, he is a typical guy who will hardly clean every corner of the house. From time to time, I was finding female hair of different colors.. I said him about it, he reacted in a very negative way getting offended how I can even think that way and not trust him.

Instagram… There, people follow what they want and you hardly can take it seriously, but.. in his follow list there are mainly local women from near by cities who post their rather provocative selfies. Women are also much yonger then he is…

Separately, thes issues can just be a coincidence and they are simply not worth worrying about. However, all together it is like a mozaik or puzzle, which you put together and crown it all with the message about cheating… we get quite an interesting picture..

For some reason, I am very calm about it all. I do not want judge and suspect him.. or I am simply on the denial stage when I refuse to see obvious things.



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