Overloaded with different thoughts after that message, I was heading to the meeting point. The first couple hours of the trip, I was confident and pretty relaxed. But when the bus was approaching to X city, the cold shiver fell down on me: guilty or innocent, devil or an angel, lie or truth..?

Despite his recently cold behavier to me, he met me with a happy smile. The way to the cottage was so nice, he was in a good mood and very attantive, he looked happy and calm. Everything in him was telling me that the anonymous message is nothing but a lie. I decided not to say anything about the message for a while, I wanted to observe if anything will pop up. But within 2 days nothing did. He cared so much, making sure I feel well.

After 2 days, I could not hold my doubts any longer and I asked him if he had any crazy ex-girlfriends. First, he replied: No! Then, he said that there was one. I showed the message. He refered to his exgirlfriend, who still tries to contact him all possible ways, although he blocked her on all social media. At some point, she was asking money from him and she got pissed when he did not give it to her. As a result, she texted me to revenge. That was his explanation. Could be true.. But I have never heard of her before, although they were in serious relationships and she even moved to him when he lived abroad.

Several month ago, my current boyfriend asked almost everything about my ex boyfriends, like: How serious were the relationships? How we met? How long dated and why broke up? I never had any dirty stories in my closet, so I was speaking about it openly. In return, I asked him the same questiones, and he told me only about one woman. That ‘crazy’ girl never was mentioned.

It made me very confused, it was so double standarded. He wanted to know everything about me, but he himself was hiding something… As such, I never cared of his past, it does not matter for me as long as we love each other. But can anything in the PRESENT be hidden from me..?

He did not comment on the content of the message which clearly contained some facts like being engaged and having women in several cities. Reading the message over again, I felt, that anonym did not reveal everything and there is more to come…



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