Well, I should say, I do want to know the truth and I am getting impatient. That is why I decided to make a new post on social media via which I got that anonymous message. My goal was to get irritated and make act…  And she did…

This time, she found my surname and sent me the message to.. my working email. A big step to take, isn’t it? The content of the message was pretty much the same: she wants to warn me tat my man is a f—king liar. He talks extremely quickly about love, coming engagement. He promises the whole world and never proceeds to it, because he has women several cities to whom he promised the same. Sounds crazy!

The main point: she already has contacted me once.. For some reason,she wanted to do it again when she realized there was no reaction from my side. She put effort in finding my surname and working email, which is a serious step. I cannot imagine myself under any circumstances to hunt the current girl of my ex, would you? I really doubt…

However, there are a couple of tings which do disturb my mind: as an example, indeed, he said that he loves me pretty quickly. In addition, pretty quickly the engagement thing came out. Indeed, we never proceed on it: first, he said it will happen on the New Year’s Eve, but is did not; then, he claimed it will happen on Eater, and the same outcome… Now the engagement should happen (at least in theory) in May. I really started doubting… Plus this hair issue (hairs I found in his apartment) and Instagram girls from he mentioned cities…

So far it looks 50/50.. I do not know how to proceed.. I am lost, suppressed, and I simply need a good piece of advice as I have never been to such a situation. Tomorrow we gonna meet again. I am looking forward to it. But I do not know how to act. I think for tomorrow I will be a “good girl”, I will be nice, and… I will talk about may because… we gonna get engaged… at least this is what he said. The reaction of his will tell a lot…

I am resisting it, but I should say this time the girl sneaked into my head for sure..



2 thoughts on “Another message

  1. Where there is smoke….there is fire. You are in denial but I can almost guarantee you, he’s fooled around behind your back. People don’t just track down women to say men are cheating on them…unless of course, they were cheating with them.

    If you value a marriage based on honesty, truth, reliability, honor and love–then run for the hills. If you marry this guy, you will begin a marriage based on shaky ground. Which will only lead to further heartache and despair. And an eventual divorce.

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