I was from blog for a long time, and so many things happened and… did not happen during this time.

Briefly, some reminding of what I wrote before. I got an anonymous message that my boyfriend is a cheater and a liar who promises to get married but never proceeds on it. I got similar message twice, an I should day I was on alert because there were issues in my relationships which were close to the ones in the message.

So, my boyfriend said that we should get engaged in May during our short vacation abroad. I was waiting for this moment first of all not because I wanted it to happen so soon but because it was a check. Getting engaged in May would mean that my boyfriend really loves me, that he definitely does not have any affairs.

May came, we went for holidays. Needless to say that disturbing thoughts were piercing my mind all the time. I am nervous, I was stressed, I could not relax. Every evening I was waiting for the promised engagement, but nothing happened. There were no explanations, everything was the same like before as if he never mentioned it.

That was the turning point, I start realising that there were games of which I was not aware. I started to question the whole relationship, and the main thing I started believing that the letters must be the truth… Till the last moment, I did not want to think it was possible, but reality spoke loud.

Of course, I decided to talk to him in a calm constructive way because I have the right to know why the engagement never happened as it was planned. He could not reply my question. Moreover, the reaction was hilarious, he laughed, it was a nervous laughter which usually occur when you are pushed to the wall…




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