I could not take silence and laughter as a response. My boyfriend did not look secure anymore. He mumbled. And I simply wanted to know what was happening. I was not afraid to get a negative answer on engagement, it was unawareness which was killing me. Unawareness which was the proof that the anonym was right.

When he was able to speak again, he said that we will get engaged in our next trip, which will take place less than a month. Then, he added: “If we find rings there”. Seriously? Going to a European capital, which can offer basically everything…

Everything was like in a fog, I did not feel the pain, just numb. I clearly saw the way the things were going, I was another one in his list to whom he promised a lot. He was doing this to women, but why? Why would anyone play such games? Problems with self-esteem? Psychological problems? Mental? Or just an as*hole?

On the other hand, nothing changed in our relationship. He still was caring, he saw saying that he loves me. And! We were going to move together in August, he will move to my city! Stop! Things are going really fine, so many nice things are ahead! Oh no… Now I feel bad, there is nothing wrong in our relationship. My boyfriend simply does not want to hurry, or…?



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