I was back to my routine, so were his feelings. I spent a week in my home country, thought things over, and booked the trip to my favourite place without letting my boyfriend know. My boyfriend met me the next day after my return, he looked so happy to see me. He was hugging me all the time as if I was a teddy bear. It felt even nice, and I squeezed the love back to him. He was repeating over and over again that he is so happy that I came back. I silently smiled. It all was so bizarre, anonymous letter, failed engagement, and the constant talk about his feelings to me. It all looked so different now. I did not buy it any longer, but I pretended in doing so. Why? I was sure that there is a heavy reason for him to bullshit with a new strength. I knew there was an intention behind it. I waited so long for truth to come out, I can wait for a couple of days more to see what it all is for.


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