I basically kicked him out. I could not see him. Enough is enough, what another proof is needed? No, no, done!

Can you imagine my surprise when my boyfriend called me and asked how I am doing with a usual happiness in the voice? Like nothing happened! He continued talking as if everything is perfect. I could not react either because of pain or shock. But I had to react, I just did not want to experience that lies and games any more.

I asked him why he is calling me. He predictably replied that he loves me and misses me. It seemed that amnesia happened to him, and he does not remember about engagement and moving in promises.

He called me later again, but this time I simply did not reply, it was over. There was nothing which kept us together anymore. I did not have energy for anger, argument, tears. I wanted silence.

He started sending me the pictures where we are together, where we look so happy. When you try to overcome a break up, this act hurts like a knife, it makes it even more painful. But why to return me? Why to call me, send pictures? What is the purpose? Later on, some of my male friends explained it in the following way: “I can imagine someone doing this if he wants to have a private space, have fun, or possibly to search for a new woman, at the same time still having a girlfriend is good for status, it is also availability of regular sex and nice food”. The idea of it sounded horrible, but it was the reality. I remember my ex telling this: “Yes, I will live separately, but we will have dinners together here (at my place), it will be fun”.

My ex did not want to give up. He called, texted, and what was worse once he knocked my door. He looked so miserable and he was blaming me for ruining this relationship, for doubting in him. I did not have energy to fight. I said ok. I had a trip in 2 weeks, and I knew that was the end.


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