We were still together officially. Like always in borderline situations, he became more attentive and caring. He started bullsh#itting with new power. He was asking me what his family should do with a summer cottage and if they should sell it. It was so bizarre. I never was interested in the property of other people and the last thing I would do is to interfere with my opinion. My boyfriend said that I am a part of the family and my opinion counts. He also said we should already  buy tickets to southern France to spend next summer vacation there, and it was only August. Nice to prepare a year ahead… It was the point when the circle closed. When we just started dating, the first promised which never came true was a trip to France for 2 weeks. We never went to France.

It was 3 days left before my departure, and he still did not have a clue. It was the time to tell him about my plans. On that day, he came to my place for a dinner. He brought pills against throat ache (I had a flu) and dying cheap flowers. Such flowers are usually on 50% discount in shops. The flowers were getting dry and the life was abandoning them. The flowers were the symbol of our relationship. My boyfriend was so happy and proud of himself. He truly believed that these pills and flowers were the final things to fix our relationship, the last drop we were lacking. He sincerely believed I would melt…

But I didn’t. We ate and I said to him that I am leaving for my favourite country. He was shocked, he was so sure I am fully hooked with his lies. He knew my finance situation was pretty weak, and the last thing I would do is travelling. He could not believe I would do it, me who was so silent and seemed to absurb it all. He started humbling that 3 days is a short notice and my friends there simply won’t time for me. There were many little excuses. But I was going. He was speechless. I felt relief.


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