Several days left before my trip to another country, before my escape from pain and disrespect. I am not a mean person, on the contrary, I always was afraid to hurt people. But this time, I did not care how my boyfriend felt. More than that, I was happy I gonna hurt him, in a way it was his karma for playing lie games to me and obviously other women.

It is unbelievable how confident he was just before I announced about my trip. He was so sure I won’t leave him, that I am attached and dependant. He thought he could get away with his broken promises about engagement and moving in together, bullsh#t about his life, and of course the information provided in those anonymous letters. He was an expert, he was a professional in lies, he got used to manipulate, but this time he failed. I was a step ahead.

He were still in touch, but he was really frustrated, this was not what he expected. He still were telling me he loves me. He walked me to the departure bus, he was silent, I tried to suppress my happiness. Mentally I was away.  I simple wish I had done it much earlier…


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