I was so concentrated on describing my feelings that I totally forgot to tell you about the third anonymous letter. Exactly like the first one, it was sent to me via social media. The good thing about it was that she did not send it to me to my working email, when she did it for the second time.

The whole thing rises million questions, but probably the main one is Why on earth to contact someone for 3 times? Why was she keeping up doing it? What was her motive? I personally do not think it is a mentally health act. One letter telling me that my boyfriend is a cheater and a liar is more than enough.

If previous times she sounded ‘nice’ and ‘helpful’, this time she was full of aggression towards me, writing that “he cheated all this women” and he for sure will do it to me and wrapping it up with “GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!!!!! IF YOU ARE SO BLIND!!!!!”. That was way too expressive, for some reason she really wanted us to break up.

I was already so exhausted with it all, that I simply could not care anymore. More than that, I knew she was right about him, but why to put her hatred towards me?

I immediately called my boyfriend and said that I got a new letter, it was our agreement that I will inform him. Instead of support, he became furious and basically turned it so that it was my fault.  No searching for solution to the problem, no protecting me from the psychic. Nice…

Many times I tried to talk to him about the whole thing, but I hardly could get a reply. A bit later, he came up with some story that it is his crazy ex and she asked him to return 6oo euros to her, but he refused. After that (according to him), she started going insane. I really doubt that a woman who has a respectful job and decent income will drop on that level. I do believe that a woman writing anonymous letter should have a way stronger motivation…


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