Since then, several months have passed.

There are people who jump from one relationship to another one, I am definitely not among them. For me, it is always very hard to start. Yes, I did dating for the last couple of months, but it was basically one date per a ‘candidate’. I remember how much I laughed when I saw a meme several years ago “after a definite age dates resemble job interview”. Damn, the person who said it is genius because it is exactly how I feel now. I don’t want to continue communication if I immediately see things which do not suit me or if there is something strange about the person. But seriously! Why? I will waste my time, I will not be honest with a man. In some cases, it is also a question of self-respect, people do not change. Why should I give a chance to a player for example? Yes, he can be hot, smart, it will be fun for a week or 2, but what next?

I do not want to do anything self-destructive, this is the feeling you get by definite age. Unfortunately, I got it quite late. I was always very naïve believing relationship is something simple if two are working on them and that a person will change. But it is not so.

There are so few people in this huge world which suit us, and it’s damn difficult to find them. Where do they walk, where do they work, where do they live? What if they live somewhere abroad?

In my next posts I will tell you more about my dating and more elaborations.



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