Dating Stories

So, what is wrong with the guys I met for a date?


Why not to continue communication then?

Well… As I wrote in my previous post, I decided not to if I spot anything strange or anything which does not suit me.

What was strange?

They are not just my type. No chemistry. It is so individual. In my case, it is so if I do not feel anything straight away, I never will. Now, I know this for sure.

Another thing… some of them have poor social skills and bad self-esteem. I am not a mean person, I do not make fun of others. No way! But I do not like to feel awkward either when they make a weird comment or an act. The other problem with this type is they are too attached, they want to rush into something as if it is the last chance.

Or… on the opposite, too high self-esteem.

I had a friend who asked me out, we met at the university course more than 5 years ago. We were in touch every now and then, but it never got any romantic and we never crossed the line.

We met for a drink, and it all was pretty much in a friendly way. Nothing extra, no flirt. He was talking so much of his good self-esteem, and that he feels so much better when he got on that level. I have nothing to argue with, but why on earth a confident person will repeat it over and over again? Strange…

Then, he drove me home and said that he will come for a tea. I did not invite, I did not give a hint I want any continuation of the evening, and I openly said about it. He said – just tea. I was very confused but said ok. Then, he took a guitar from the car… At this moment, he looked like a macho, so full of himself.

When tea was preparing, he was playing. He felt that he saved me from loneliness, that he is such good company for me to spend the evening. How can some men be like that? Can he even imagine that I am not interested and that I simple do not want him?

Of course, after the tea he kissed me.. I did not feel like replying on his kiss. He was so surprised about it! Then, he told me that I have some problems because guys like him are so seldom make a first step (ladies should chase him, this basically  was what he meant).

.I asked him to leave.



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