It was 5,5 years ago. It was the first time I went to the  rock fest. My friends went by bike, I went by bus as I am not really good at cycling and it was a long distance. I texted my friends when I was at the entrance… too late.. Because of the crowd, the network went down. The messages were not delivered, calls were not possible either. I was left out alone.. I decided to go because I hoped to find them later, and the ticket was not cheap. Come on! It will be fun, I thought.

The performances were great indeed, I was happy I went, but I still could not find my friends. People around were getting drunk and annoying. There were no chance left that I meet my friend, but I stayed to see the world famous band.

The last band was about to start, the staff was preparing the stage and lights, and I was preparing my camera. I took a couple of pictures of the stage with lights and artificial fog. Exactly at this moment, a guy came up to me and ask why I take pictures of an empty stage. I was not really into talking, but for some reason I continued the conversation. We talked all the time the band was playing; more than that, I hardly remember the band performing because of our conversation. He obviously was recovering from a break up, and I was so crazily in love with the man was in relationship. Damn, it was so complex back then. It was time to go home, the guy asked me to join him for after party with his friends. I said no, just did not feel like. He asked my Facebook, but I was not on Facebook at that point. For some reason, he did not ask for a phone number, which I would give for sure. It was a moment of good bye, and it was difficult. Although I was attached to another man, he to another woman, we for sure felt connection. We said good bye, and… he kissed me. exactly at this moment started a ‘blind rain’, the phenomenon when the sky is clear, but it rains. Everything was so bizarre, and yet romantic. On my way home, I listened to the radio, and the song by Belinda Caslisle ‘Summer Rain’ was on air. Shivers came to my skin, I thought of him. I thought of him for a while..

It was he, it was the guy I met 5,5 years later at a New Year’s night.



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