He came by car to pick me up. I was SO NERVEOUS, like never before. Usually I am very talkative, social, smiley. But on that day I was numb. I felt like it is the first date in my life. All the experience was gone. I did not know what to say, my mouth got dry, hands sweaty and shaky, mind blank. So felt he. He were both awkward,  I liked it. This just meant he felt the same way I did.

He said to me that I am beautiful and that he was very honoured I agreed to meet. He said that he wanted to text me before but he was just too shy to do it. I told him that if he didnot text me by Sunday, I would have done it. We felt even. It was awkward. I already was so much into him. I did not feel this way for years…

It was time to go home. He drove me back. Our farewell looked awkward. We did not know how to act. Then he asked me in his mothertongue about the kiss (I am a foreigner and we mainly spoke English). I kissed him. He looked surprised but happy. I wondered what was wrong. It turned out that he asked if he could kiss me on a cheek, but I got it wrong… and properly kissed in the lips. Damn… All I wanted was to vanish, disappear…

And then he asked when we will meet next time ❤


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