On Thursday, he sent me a trailer of a movie and suggested to watch it together. Of course, I was up to it.

I wanted to meet on Saturday, I wanted to spend the weekend with him.

Again, we met at my place. We were watching movie and talking a bit.

He was absent, you really know when it happens, he was somewhere else in his thoughts. I saw it in his eyes. In his eyes, I saw indifference. His touch was not that warm enough.

I tried to be calm. No panic. I just think too much.

But we texted less and less recently. There appeared days, when we did not text at all.

The reason for it can be different, busy, problems, sports, etc.

But my guts say it is something else, he is getting cold. I do not see the spark in his eyes any more.

and only one question in my head: whyyyyyyy? I am so much into you…



4 thoughts on “Getting Cold..

  1. He’s just not that into you. If he wanted to be there, wild horses wouldn’t keep him away. Stop doubting what you see and feel. It is real. He IS pulling away, although you don;t know for sure why. I don’t usually say this, but I just wrote a post about this very thing called “you are not for everyone”. Please read it, comment if you like, but take it to heart. I know EXACTLY how you feel.


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