There were less and less messages. It was burning me, I did not understand anything, I was so attached, craving for his texts and attention, but where is it? It was clear what was going on, but I did not want to believe that.

What should I do? Many times, he said to me, I should show initiative because he is not good at it. But he was, he was initiative.

The other thing which bothered me is that one day he was telling me that there are always women around him, the other day – that he is so insecure and women do not want to be with him, and he is so happy we went so far. What was that?

I was brainstorming, it took all my mind. I did not know how to act and if I even should act. I did not know. I got angry, then miserable, again, angry, lost.

I decided to text him and asked out for the weekend. He excepted my invitation.


2 thoughts on “Communication is Breaking

  1. Giiirrrllll. Stop chasing him and let him chase you. I fear he is playing you. Even though he accepted, you are now the aggressor. He may say he wants it, but I doubt it. Live your life, make yourself happy, do things you want to do, so if he contacts you (after this weekend) then you are busy. You become the hot commodity, and in turn are still happy. We spend far more time thinking of the relationship than they do.


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