It is killing me that he does not care. He is cold, and with his behaviour he was just screaming: I don’t need you!

Finally, I let it go. At least, I hope I did.

Gradually, I start realizing that when is the time to give up.

The other thing which I recently realized.. is that there was no man who was in love with me. I was dating, I was seeing someone, but they never treat me seriously. Some of them told me that they did, but it was a lie. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I am educated, quite good-looking, I take care of myself, I do care of my reputation. But that’s not enough obviously.

They so easily lost interest and they so easily walked away. I never could stuck in any one’s hear..

I heard that if you don’t love yourself, no one will. Maybe I just don’t love myself? Maybe I simply don’t appreciate myself?

For now, I need to overcome the pain and learn to love myself…


10 thoughts on “Will I ever be loved?

  1. Read my post about acceptance first, then love. It will be easier at first. And you are lovable! They just haven’t seen beyond your physical beauty because sometimes men are ignorant

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  2. “Learn to love myself…”
    True! You are the only one who is gonna be by your side through thick and thin. So lets love ourselves before loving someone else.
    Also, thanks for stopping by and liking my poem ‘Forbidden Territory’

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  3. Take your time. Do things you enjoy and take care of yourself. It will be less and less important if someone loves you. I am still alone but it bothers me less and less. There are moments, of course. I am happier with myself more and more. Learn to love yourself and find yourself. I am sure you are lovable, you just need to learn that again.

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    1. It is important to happy with yourself, agree. There is one thing I want to comment on… and it maybe a bit tough, sorry.. But I think we are alone because we ourselves suppose that we are not worth, on subconscious level. People read it and react respectively. The problem is we have to realize it is NOT so! We are definitely worth it! I just do not know who put the opposite in my head..


      1. I am not sure you are correct with this. A few years ago maybe for me but not now. I am worth it I just am not sure if any of them are.

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