Last weekend, I was out. On the way to the club, I saw him with another woman. Well.. I think I saw… I am not sure. That is the problem that I see him everywhere… because he is on my mind 24/7, but the main thing, I did not text him or call. I really had to take an effort not to.. It is much easier now, but still. It is fine now, but what may happen tomorrow.

Last weekend, I was out. As I already told you, I am an emotional person, and  after a couple of drinks I can call. I know only weak people do this. And I am weak right now. So I wanted to play it safe… I took my old phone and old SIM-card, which means that only my friends know it and only to my friends I can call! That was an absolute win-win situation. I am weak but I did a strong act over myself. That’s a new beginning. At least I hope it is.


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