As you know I quit everything in one country and left for 2 months for the other one, to the place where I enjoy everything. In July, I had the flight back to the place where I was staying permanently. But… I did not return, I am still staying in my favourite country, the country where I was so happy and where I am so broken now. It is all so surreal, I still refuse believe it happened to me. No No No! It is impossible, it happens only in movies! not in live!!!

I start from the very beginning… Last year, during my trip to my favourite country, I got a match on Tinder with a local man. I never took seriously Tinder, so we werwee just chatting online. Then, I returned home, and he kept texting me, asking to have a weekend trip somewhere. Of course, I refused! Come on! I never saw him in my life, he can be anything! and which normal person will ask a random girl to meet in another country!? But we stayed in touch though with seldom messaging.

Then, I arrived here, to my favourite country. He became very active and pushy to meet. I was hardly ready because I still had my leg problems and I was getting strong mentally. In addition, I got a cultural shock.

Nevertheless, we met and went to do sightseeing in a neighbourhood town. My first impression of him was not nice, he looked like a player, he was very slicky and for some reason just unpleasant. But I went to the tour, so I did not really care. At the end of the day, we had a drink, my first drink after trauma… one glass of wine was enough to weaken my strength and precautions, to kill my intuition. We went to the beach and we were playing with water, and he kissed me…

On that day, we spent together 14 hours! 14 hours! I never stayed with a person I hardly know that long…. and I never will again…


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