Yes, the morning started from his figures inside.

That was probably the most pleasant moment of the day. We went to the beach, but he was cold and distant, we was far away in his thoughts and I simply did not know what to do and how to react. He was telling me that he wants back to indonesia from where he just return, people are so nice there and everything has soul, not like here. I was pretty much confused as it related in a way to me. It literarily meant I am not good enough. That was a strange moment to experience with a man who put some effort to get you and took for a weekend away.

Things were just getting worse, I really regretted that I did not have a chance to escape because the place was absolutely isolated and I do not drive.

At some point, he completely ignore me. It was tough to handle because there were only 2 people in the house: me and he… There were even some aggressive moments. I was very surprised to see him like that, he turned to me another side.

I was getting tired, and I went to bed. He came to wish me a good night as we still spelt in separate rooms.

And things just happened, our first time was awkward… when everything finished, he said that it happened too soon. Well, we knew each other for 8 months although I was in another country and we spent 2 weeks together before it all happened. Not that soon I guess… Again, because of that small phase I felt bad. Again, I was not good enough. I was a slut, I was an easy girl


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